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sakuraminisuka's Journal

Nobody can rewind time~

Sakura Minisuka
9 September 1992
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I'm Kim, but please do call me Sakura. I live in Belgium and studied Japanese in Leuven. I'm currently looking for work.

My passions are reading, writing, taking pictures and one day I hope to make music. I play my guitar more now that I finally bought an acoustic guitar and a bass guitar. So at this moment I have three guitars in total <3 yey~

I do not like describing myself, Others are better at that.... But I'll try anyway.
I try to be kind to everyone. But I can be a real pain when you hurt me. Because if there is one thing that I hate is people using others.
Other than that, I'm crazy and I love it. I tend to be impulsive but at the same time I always think things over.
I'm not the easiest person to understand, I have a few opinions that are hard to get and don't fit in the society I live in. On top of that I'm asexual and bi-romantic, which seems to be hard for most people around me to understand.
The people around me basically don't know much about how I think or feel, mostly because I feel they wouldn't even try to understand.
But in the end I don't really care. I am different and I love it, it's who I am.

Hmm... If you wanna know anything else, just ask... :)